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Nowadays, there are a large number of helpful tools that support sports betting fans in successfully placing bets. In this blog article, we will show you the best online tools for sports betting.

Planning is half the battle, and appropriate preparation is also immensely important when betting. This already starts with the selection of the right markets and ends with the time of placing the bet. Depending on the type of bet and the market, preparation can take several days. Nowadays, sports betting fans have access to a variety of interesting and helpful online tools. We would like to take a closer look at the best online tools for football sports betting.

Facts, figures and data are the be-all and end-all of betting

What is the current form curve of a team? What is the home and away record? Which players are injured or unavailable? Especially in team sports like football, but of course also in basketball or handball, there are many statistics that can and should be analysed. In the end, all these questions and answers are put together like a puzzle and help sports betting fans to make the right decision and, above all, to place bets.

There are numerous data sources on the internet, e.g. online magazines and platforms, which keep figures, data, facts and statistics and make them available free of charge. In the football sector, these include portals. There, betting fans can access and analyse team statistics as well as individual statistics for specific players. It is often enough to keep up to date in the news section.

Betting forecasts and expert tips

However, researching your own information is only the first step or the basis of any bet. If you have already selected a betting market and, if applicable, a suitable match or event, you will also find corresponding betting forecasts and expert tips on the Internet. As a rule, bettors on such prediction sites receive very specific tips for the outcome of a bet. In football, for example, this would be a predicted final result of a match. In addition to the classic 3-way bet (win, draw, defeat), you will often find predictions on the number of expected goals, etc.

Often, such portals are not subjective tips and assessments, but statistically derived betting tips. The forecasts are usually also backed up with certain probabilities of occurrence, e.g. by a percentage figure. However, it is also clear that this is still a tip and not a guarantee of winning a bet. On portals such as you can obtain a large number of free betting forecasts and tips. However, such forecasts should only be used for better orientation and to round off or supplement your own betting preparation, but in no way replace it.

Systematic betting thanks to betting calculators

A very popular type of bet is the so-called system and combination bet. As the name suggests, these are not single bets, i.e. you do not bet on the outcome of one match, but on a combination of several matches or events. Combi and system bets are usually not played by betting beginners, but by experienced bettors. This is simply because several factors have to be taken into account with this type of bet. The advantage or the attraction of system and combination bets are significantly more attractive odds. At the same time, however, the risk of losing the bet increases.

With the use of betting calculators, you can analyse the risk more precisely in advance and get a better impression of your planned bet. For example, with a 3 out of 4 system bet, where at least 3 out of 4 bets must be correct for the total bet to be successful, you can use a betting calculator to easily calculate the odds and forecast different outcomes. You can combine so-called surebets with somewhat riskier bets and always keep an eye on the betting profit. Similar to the forecasts and information sources, there are also numerous free online betting calculators on the internet.

Sports betting guidebook: using the knowledge and experience of experts

Anyone dealing with the topic of sports betting for the first time will quickly realise that this is an extensive subject area with many fascinating facets. Beginners in particular will have many questions at the start, for example about which betting provider to use and the right type of sport and bet. Numerous people before you have already dealt with these and many other questions and fortunately also answered and recorded them in the form of guides.

Many sports betting terms come from the English-speaking world. Surebet, valuebet, draw no bet, over/under or lay and back are all terms that are not necessarily self-explanatory. To get an idea of the most important terms and betting vocabulary, it is advisable to consult a sports betting dictionary, where you can easily look up technical terms. Online encyclopaedias offer large reference works that are usually updated on an ongoing basis.

In addition to classic encyclopaedias, sports betting guides can also help you find the right type of bet for you. Not every type of bet is suitable for every bettor. Often you need more experience and knowledge to venture into bet types such as system and combination bets. With a guidebook, you can easily find out for yourself which type of bet suits you personally, even before you have placed your first bet.

Sports betting forums and communities

Last but not least, personal exchange should not be underestimated in sports betting. Even though there are numerous sources and information portals on the Internet that can answer many questions, many bettors still feel the need to exchange ideas with other like-minded people on a regular basis. Be it to discuss betting strategies and systems in order to better understand advantages and disadvantages, or to share their own experiences with others.

On online forums you will find hundreds or thousands of other bettors with whom you can openly exchange views on almost any topic related to sports betting. Often betting tips are also exchanged in such forums and sub-forums are formed for certain types of sports and betting.

In addition to forums, communities or groups in social media such as Facebook are also very popular. Here, too, sports betting fans can exchange information and help each other. Be it in chat and thus direct 1:1 exchange or via group discussions.

Our conclusion

The number of sports betting tools is almost endless. No matter whether in the German-speaking or English-speaking world. What is particularly pleasing is the fact that many, almost all, of these online tools can be used very easily and are also free of charge. This is a real added value, especially for betting beginners, as you do not have to pay in advance before placing your first bet.

As helpful as these betting tools can be, it is important to find the right tools and use them in a targeted manner. Such applications can make betting easier or support you in doing so, but they can (and should) never replace your own decision and your own willingness to bet. Even if you regularly use sports betting tools, however, you should always make sure and check that it is your own personal bet and opinion that you fully stand behind, regardless of the outcome of the bet. Automatisms and external support through online tools are no guarantee of success in sports betting.